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Beta-Glucan High Potency Synbiotic

Bioimmersion Inc.

Beta-Glucan High Potency Synbiotic

$ 92.34

The Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula has the stamp of approval by the American Heart Association as a daily nutritious food for heart health due to its high concentration of oat beta glucan (10%). Two tablespoons of the patented beta glucan is suggested as a daily dietary guideline for cardiovascular support. The oats are 99.98% gluten free. US Patent # 6,060,519.

The Beta Glucan offers heart, gut, and immune boosting healthy support. The formula contains a powerful combination of high potency pedigreed probiotics that are specially grown to effectively colonize the GI tract. The whole organic red beetroot (15%) and inulin from organic chicory fiber (10%) are found to confer many exciting health benefits

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