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About us

It all started in 1995 with Dr. Ara Yeramyan, a gourmet cook and scientist with a passion for inventing delicious, nutritious foods. He created our Crum Creek Mills soy products out of his kitchen, making the everyday foods you love only better. After delighting his family and friends with his creations, he tapped his desire to share his healthy foods with the world and brought Crum Creek to life.

We began selling our soy products in 2000, and over the years have developed a circle of customers and friends who love our foods. As we have become part of the natural products and nutrition community, we have discovered many other great products that complement our foods and our customers’ lifestyles. In 2011, we expanded Crum Creek to include the products you see in our store today.

Our ongoing quest is to find the best of what is best for you. Thank you for joining our family of customers who are committed to living a life they love.