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MPS Gold 100 and 3X Combo

Dr. Wheeler

MPS Gold 100 and 3X Combo

$ 170.00

Save $10 when you buy both together!

MPS contains the two essential Glyconutrient molecules (Mannose and Galactose) found only in fresh Aloe Vera gel. This means that MPS GOLD 100 is both the best Aloe Vera/Glyconutrient product in the world. For those people who want to achieve and maintain the highest level of health possible and slow down cellular aging, MPS GOLD 100 is absolutely essential as part of a daily nutritional program.

MPS GOLD 100 is not an immune stimulant but instead an immune balancer to lower inappropriate activity and to increase the activity necessary to protect and defend the body effectively. There are broader implications for MPS GOLD 100 than just the immune system. The two essential Glyconutrients in MPS GOLD 100, Mannose and Galactose, will support over all health cell to cell communication throughout the body. This has profound implications when it comes to neurologically based and mental health issues. When combined with MPS Gold 3X, the balancing effects of the product are increase three fold.

Size: 4.30 oz

MPS 3X MPS 3X is for those people that want to increase the health benefits from taking MPS GOLD 100, the MPS GOLD 3X. This product will increase the immune system response by up to three times. MPS GOLD 3X should not be taken by itself but only associated with MPS GOLD 100 as a health booster. The amount of MPS GOLD 3X taken is half the amount of MPS GOLD 100.

Size: 2.15 oz

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